As well as being brilliant organisers who can come up with imaginative and relevant solutions to achieve your goals, our teams are scrupulous about planning and control, and highly competent in risk assessment, contingency planning and supplier management.

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Strategic meetings management

With over £200 million of client spend each year, we've got plenty of leverage we'd be happy to to share with you. Add to that our market-leading expertise, and we'll help you to achieve savings through compliance, venue contracting, cost management/avoidance, technology, management information and outsourcing.



Delegate management

Whatever the event, each delegate experience is important. As such we specialise in offering delegate management services together with pioneering in-house developed applications designed to improve the pre-event experience through a variety of software tools. This expertise ensures real time data management and reporting for up to the minute event decision making coupled with improved visitor satisfaction through the registration and customer service processes. Our services cover the breadth of solution consultation & design, customer service, on-site support and post event insight analysis.

We offer scalable solutions for all manner of requirements – each solution is based on our own designed, built, tried and tested suite of technology tools. This approach delivers proven technology tailored to your needs without the investment of a fully custom built solution.

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Live production

Bring your brand to life and engage directly with the people who matter to your business. Whether you want to sell more, connect with more of the right customers, amplify brand presence or drive activity from your employees and channel partners, your event can be extraordinary and achieve memorable results. And with our social media expertise we can build excitement in advance, and create a legacy that lasts for months afterwards.

Audi A3 launch with '4D Mapping' IN GERMANY