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Offer your employees a first-rate benefit that they can all take advantage of

pure flex is a pre-paid card that delivers rebates of between 3% and 15% from a wide-range of leading retailers, including ASDA, Boots, John Lewis, M&S, Pizza Express, Travel by Inspire and Waitrose.

AsdaBootsJohn LewisM & STravel by inspireWaitrose
Pure Card

It's secure, easy to manage and quick to implement, so your company could be up and running with a card in every employee's wallet in as little as 4 weeks. Employees can load funds onto their card directly from their net pay* (great for budgeting), online or through the app.

  • Savings of between 3% and 15% with over 70 retailers
  • Easier to manage, more flexible and more secure than vouchers
  • Chip and Pin
  • Balance cannot be exceeded, and lost/stolen cards can be cancelled, replaced and the balance transferred
  • Generic or branded with your corporate identity
  • Mobile app to check balance and top-up on the move
  • Partner cards available
  • Plus big-brand gift cards and vouchers at less than face value

To find out more about how pure flex can work for you, contact us on:

T: 01442 829257

* Monthly minimum top-up applies

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