Grass Roots delivers from design to doorstep

Beginning with clear, measurable objectives and culminating in awards and prizes that grab attention and stimulate action, the best incentives and promotions hit the mark in every way. There's an art and a science to engaging your target audience, and we apply both to generating the results you're looking for.
Consumer promotions

Consumer promotions

Want to excite, delight and activate your consumer audience to achieve your commercial goals? From on-pack offers to long-term loyalty, we design and implement all kinds of high-impact sales promotions, incentives, partnerships and affinity programmes. We'll work with you to identify, create and deliver appealing travel, leisure and lifestyle rewards that drive acquisition, growth and retention.

£280 million of sponsorship/prizes for McDonalds


Channel loyalty and incentives

Building relationships builds business. So creating an emotional connection with the people responsible for selling your products and promoting your brand is a must. You can provide your channel partners with the skills, knowledge and motivation they need to drive sales and boost market share. Our incentive, recognition and reward programmes generate a measurable difference in performance, service and productivity - and will create a buzz that keeps your brand front of mind.

50,000 bookers take part in De Vere incentive

Fixed fee promotions

Fixed fee promotions

On-pack, in-store or online, our clever fixed-fee promotions are designed to fit your budget and uplift your sales, while effectively transferring risk. Instant win, cashback, free trial, scratchcards, online games, coupons and competitions - we provide them all (and more), with end-to-end fulfilment and first rate customer service that you can rely on.

Pentel boosts sales on a fixed budget More about fixed fee

Product supply

Product supply

Vouchers, prepaid cards, merchandise, experiences and cinema

Get as close as you can to pleasing all the people all of the time. We're one of the biggest rewards providers in the UK, so you can choose from a vast range of merchandise, vouchers and experiences to suit all tastes and budgets. Our own Bonusbond multi-store gift vouchers and gift cards can be redeemed at tens of thousands of the UK's largest high street retailers, while our ever-popular Supercheques allow recipients to choose vouchers without the need for any administration. Pure Card, our prepaid Mastercard® debit card, can be used on the high street and online, and offers the opportunity for rebates on user spend. As the exclusive provider of Vue Movie Money, we can also offer generous discounts at 85 premium entertainment cinemas across the UK and Ireland, for a 'big screen' experience that will generate lasting memories.

bonusbond GIFT VOUCHERSEnvy experience vouchersSuperchequesVUE Movie Money



Supercheques are one of the UK's most popular voucher-based rewards because of their simplicity, and choice: they can be redeemed for over 45 different gift vouchers and gift card options from major high street brands, experiences and travel suppliers. Available in £5, £10, £20 and £50 denominations, you can order Supercheques straight from stock, or have them branded for your brand or campaign. E-Supercheques can be sent by email and redeemed online.


Bonusbond gift vouchers and gift cards

Bonusbond multi-retailer gift vouchers and bonusbond Mastercard badged gift cards can be used with over 60 of the UK's favourite brands: including high street shopping and restaurants; booking holidays, spas or nights away; and once-in-a-lifetime experiences. bonusbond gift vouchers are available immediately from stock in denominations of £5 and £10; and bonusbond gift cards have a load value of £10 - £500. You can order in bulk, or we can collate them individually for you.


Gift vouchers for the high street

Grass Roots is the UK's leading provider of gift vouchers and gift cards. Choose from the widest available range of gift vouchers and gift cards from major high street brands, experiences and travel suppliers. You can order vouchers direct, or to be sent to individual recipient addresses; and we can also design bespoke letters and wallets to enhance the impact of your reward presentation.


pure prepaid Mastercard® debit cards

pure is a fast, flexible and convenient alternative to cash, providing reliability and security for your employees, customers and partner organisations. pure card is fully regulated, and you can choose configuration to suit your needs: restricted or open-loop spending; standard or bespoke branding; single-use or reloadable; chip and PIN or magstripe; sterling, US dollars or euros; and various retailer rebates. And our virtual pure card option is quick and easy to set up for the ultimate in online shopping!



An Envy experience is a truly memorable award – and quick and easy to use. Delight your employees, suppliers or customers with an Envy voucher that offers them an exciting choice of experiences – from relaxing to adrenaline-filled – including short breaks and treats for food and drink lovers. There are options for every budget, and with over 1,000 experiences to choose from, there's definitely something for everyone!


Online Global Reward Catalogue

Global Options is our market-leading online reward catalogue and points banking platform that enables you to recognise and reward an international audience. There are local reward ranges available for over 45 countries; plus our ‘Rest of Region' or ‘Rest of World' ranges. Global Options features a wide range of gifts, experiences and vouchers which are constantly updated by our team of reward specialists.


Travel, leisure and lifestyle offers

Travel, leisure and lifestyle rewards are an excellent choice for anything from on-pack promotions to long-term loyalty programmes. Rewards can be delivered on a multichannel basis, using different mechanics and platforms to suit your individual campaign. We negotiate each offer with our network of partners based on your requirements, and the most popular options are free offers, discounted offers, or 2 for 1 promotions.